What Patients Can Expect

Our Offerings To Our Patients

Infusion services are life saving treatments to patients who have complex medical conditions. We offer safe, comfortable, and reliable therapies which help them overcome their discomfort during the entire process . We also have the following processes which offer benefit to the patients who have trusted us.

Infusion Care

Infusion and injection therapies with care and compassion are given to the patients who step into Baltimore Infusion Center with the hope of getting healthier from their current medical conditions.

Insurance Processing

Our insurance verification team will work swiftly to verify your benefits and coverage. They will then initiate any prior authorizations if needed. Our goal is minimize patient's out of pocket cost. We will always look into financial help, either from the manufacturer or various foundations, to make all infusions as cost-effective as possible.

Personalised Plan & Observation

We believe in treating every patient to the best of our attention, by administering care that is custom to the individual. Each patient or resident of Baltimore Infusion Center receives a customized care plan implemented by them, leading them to higher independence and quality of life.

Clinical Monitoring & Reporting

Our Infusion therapy services handle the preparation, delivery, administration, and monitoring of medication. It is very comfortable for the patients and a very smart choice for the referring physicians.

Long Term Support

Our care and your expectation does not end with our infusion therapy services within the Baltimore Infusion center. We give continuous care after your treatment is over at our center by providing follow-ups, continuous visits and scheduling.

We appreciate your trust in us to take care of your medical needs. We are referred by many physicians all over the country mainly because:

  • We are a modestly priced infusion center, yet run by a great team of doctors.
  • Our treatments are monitored by physicians and specialized nurses.
  • We do pre-authorization even before you visit.
  • We promptly provide your feedback to the physician who referred you.
  • We also remind you to visit the physician who referred you.

As a patient you can expect all of the below:

  • Our center is equipped with healthy snacks and drinks for patients and their family.
  • We have all the modern equipments which are used for treatment.
  • We are process oriented and hence we dont waste your time.
  • Our infrastructure includes heated blankets, airconditioners, wi-fi & other modern amenities.
  • We also give you co-pay assistance programs.
  • We are well known for our special care from nurses, doctors, and attendees.
  • We keep our patients reminded of their checkups, follow-ups and scheduled visits.