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Comprehensive, convenient, and trustworthy care.

We Take Care Of Your
Healthy Health

transfusion services "

" INFUSION, injection and

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Low priced infusion services with focus on compassion,
comfort, and convenience.

We Take Care Of Your
Healthy Health

therapeutic services "

" COST effective

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State's finest and most comprehensive facilities for infusion therapy.

We Take Care Of Your
Healthy Health

and quality of life through

infusion therapies "

" DEDICATED to improving health

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Better decision. Better way of life.

We Take Care Of Your
Healthy Health

enriching the life of

people who trust us "

" INSURANCE assistance

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Who We Are

Baltimore Infusion Center is committed in giving world class services at an affordable cost through wholesome treatment to patients from all over the country. We are committed in continually serving humanity with the world's best state of art facilities which has instilled faith in the services we offer to the patients. Guided by principles and ethics the medical profession carries, we dedicatedly work towards a selfless service to the humankind.

Dr. Kavita B. Kalra

15 years of expertise

  • Hematology
  • Medical oncology
  • Internal medicine

What We Offer

We offer therapies that treat patients with intravenously applied infusion solutions which help recovery faster and improve them from their illnesses. Few of the important medical ailments which are treated are as follows :

Asthma & Allergy

Asthma episodes and severe allergic conditions are treated with infusion therapies which help the patients get major relief and long lasting remission.


Infusion based therapies are used to treat dermatological conditions which may have an autoimmune cause or systemic infection and they often provide exceptional results.


Infusion medications may be used to alleviate endocrinology related disorders and prevent potentially serious complications over the long-term.


Infusion therapies benefit gastroenterologic diseases like inflammatory bowel disease through crystalloid fluids and rehydration therapies.


Infusion therapies help patients with serious nephrological diseases like renal failure and other major conditions. They often provide exceptional remedies.


Infusion therapies help to treat neurological conditions like dizziness, coordination problems and other disorders like complex autoimmune conditions.


Many autoimmune disorders and other rheumatoid diseases are treated through infusion therapies which prove very beneficial to patients.

Infectious Diseases

UTI, pneumonia, hemophilia and many other immune diseases that are unresponsive to oral medication are effectively treated through infusion therapies.

Rare Diseases

Types of cancers, Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis are few of the rarest diseases treated through infusion therapies.

Way We work

Baltimore Infusion Center provides short & long term infusion services with comfort & convenience. Our infusion center is staffed by nurses who are specialised in intravenous & injectable therapies.

Get Referred

We have our referral processes which brings you to our infusion center. We are associated with all the major hospitals in the country who provide the best kind of guidance in treating your medical conditions through our infusion services.

Complete formalities

Our formalities are very simple. We take care of your medical records directly from your physician or hospital, process your insurances without your time and effort being wasted and start your medical procedures immediately.

Get treated

Needless to say, our team of doctors, certified nurses and medical staff walk you through the entire process followed at our infusion center. We take care of all of your treatments with care, comfort, and convenience to our best.

Step out stress free

Our processes right through are hassle free and our treatments are highly secure and safe as we are equipped with the latest medical facilities, trained specialists, and qualified doctors. We give you a stress free life post our treatments.

What Patients Can Expect

We make our patients expect the best of services from us. We wish to give them the best of comfort and care with the most economical give away prices.

Dedicated Team Of Infusion Experts

Care Plans

Cost Effective

Benefits Patients can Choose

Baltimore Infusion Center provides infusion therapies where our dedicated team starts the intake process through referrals and then processes complete assessment on the insurance coverage, finish the treatments efficiently and let you step out healthy.

Insurance & Fees

Baltimore Infusion Center is equipped with a strong and well experienced health care insurance team who assess your insurance records, check the coverage and let you know what would be your pocket costs much in advance. 


Baltimore Infusion Center welcomes the opportunity to take care of your specialty infusion therapy referrals. Download, print and email or fax us  the referral forms provided in our website  with relevant information so that we at can reach you. 

Request An Appointment

Baltimore Infusion Center will also go the extra mile to research & identify any pharmaceutical rebates that may apply, to help make your treatment as affordable as possible.